Hello, I am Mattia Ballo.

IT Consultant specialized in UI/UX design and ICT business solutions.

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Areas of intrest

Main working and research areas and topics.

Mobile Hybrid Apps

Ionic, Cordova and Electron.

IoT & P2P Networks

Peer-to-Peer Smart Energy Grids.

UI/UX design

Prototyping, CAOS, Kahneman's systems and biases.

Progressive Web App

Vue.js, Angular, Twitter's Bootstrap, Sass, TypeScript, Gulp.

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A little more about Mattia

Born in 1992 in a small village called Lugo, in the heart of Romagna, Italy.

Wine and Food lover, I started studying computer science in high school in 2008 where I graduated as computer technician. In 2015 I got my degree in Computer Science for Management at University of Bologna.

I'm a snowboarder who is interested in extreme sports, music, movies but above all culture and knowledge.


Academic, work and personal projects.


AdHoc ERP for bars and restaurants.

project 2

CRC Mensa

AdHoc software solutions for rehab center in Bologna.

CRC Casalino
project 1

Taberna Boaria

Website for Local Restaurant

project 0

Work Experience

  • IT Tecnical Consultant
    ERP design and maintenance.
    Copura Soc.Coop
    Sep 2017 Mar 2017
  • Computer Technician
    ERP and devices maintenance.
    Studio Notaio De Lorenzo
    Aug 2016 Apr 2016
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